Generate Leads, Upsells & Referrals and Start Growing RMR.

Save time and money by working with a marketing team that has been in the security industry for over 15 years. No contracts, no hassle. Just results.


Industry Expertise

Save time and money by working with us - we understand the security industry.

Performance Guarantee

We hit goals and deliver on time or you don't pay. It's that simple. 

Market Exclusivity

Claim your local market against other security industry competitors.

Most Marketing Doesn't Work, Resulting in Frustration & Lost Revenue.

AlarmBrand is different. Our marketing programs work because we deliver the right message to your audience at each stage of their buying journey: from the top of the sales funnel to the bottom, and then turn them into brand advocates who refer and recommend your company.

Affordable For All

Pay only for what you need, and nothing that you don't.

Turn-Key Solution

No payroll, no HR costs, no staff training, no hassle. 

Top Rated Team

We're rated 5 stars on Google from names you know and trust.


Local SEO & Voice Search

We build new local SEO pages for your service areas, Optimize your Google Business profile, ensure accurate local directory listings, and fine-tune your business for voice search ensuring that your business is easily found on Alexa, Google Assistant, & Siri.


Blogging & Content

Attract new inbound visitors with keyword rich, search engine friendly content for your website, blog, and newsroom to share on social media, email and promotional material. Regular blogging results in better SEO results, and positions your security business as a leader in your market.


Social Media

Fully managed social media marketing will save you time and money, amplifying your brand's voice and growing your following across Facebook, Instagram, & LinkedIn. We'll help you build a following and engage with your audience, resulting in upsells and referrals.


Email Marketing:

We create and manage frustration-free email marketing campaigns. We will build subscriber lists, write and design email copy, set up email blasts, and analyze the campaigns to snowball lead generation over time.


SMS Chat & Mass Text

Chatbots are lame. You'll get a 24/7 live service managed by real people and has the potential to double your conversions on your website, Google My Business, and Facebook. It's hands-off, done-for-you web chat and only hands-on when we send you the lead!


Reviews & Referrals

Positive reviews enhance your brand reputation, serve as persuasive testimonials for potential customers, and influence search engine rankings. We'll set review goals, write and send review requests, and automate review follow up.


Sales Funnels & Lead Intelligence

Actively convert website visitors to leads in your sales pipeline. Includes landing page development, page level targeting, lead intelligence, and automated emails to educate, enlighten and move prospects closer to buying.


Advanced SEO

For established security companies in large metro markets like Nashville, Dallas, or NYC, enterprise SEO will help you compete with national players. Our services include everything in Local SEO, plus link building, advanced content strategies, and more.

  • No Contracts

    We work to earn your business every month and don't believe you should be locked into a contract. 

  • No Babysitting

    No hand holding required. Our marketing team has been in the security industry since 2009. 

  • No Ghosting

    You won't play "Where's Waldo?" with us. We're available by phone, chat, and email every business day. 

  • No Contracts

    We work to earn your business every month and don't believe you should be locked into a contract. 

  • No Babysitting

    No hand holding required. Our marketing team has been in the security industry since 2009. 

  • No Ghosting

    You won't play "Where's Waldo?" with us. We're available by phone, chat, and email every business day. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Marketing

Our experience with hundreds of security clients, along with conversations at trade shows, vendor expos, and local association meetings have shaped how we tailor and deliver our services, resulting in better outcomes than other marketing firms. AlarmBrand has over a decade of data and analytical insights to drive the results that your security company needs for growth. 

Our in-house digital strategists are industry veterans with deep insights into promoting and marketing businesses in the life safety industry. They are available every business day by phone, email and chat. You'll meet regularly and as needed to review campaigns and answer questions. No guess work, no babysitting and no ghosting.

Typically, within the first 30-45 days. We'll explain everything we're doing, why it matters, and launch your campaigns quickly. We'll meet regularly to review results, answer questions, and fine tune our strategy. 

Our marketing services are very affordable for any dealer, integrator, monitoring center, or association. Prices start at just $395 per month and you can bundle services together for a discount.

No contract required to work with us. Unlike traditional agencies that want to lock you in for 12 months or more, we believe that business relationships should be built on trust and results, not obligation. 99% of our clients have been with us for 10 years or more. But if for some reason it's not working out, no hard feelings - you can cancel anytime with no hassle. 


Book an online meeting, text to chat via our website, or call us at (615) 570-1971 any business day. We're in Nashville so if you're local to Middle Tennessee we'll come to your office with donuts and coffee 🙂

Industry Experience = Peace of Mind

Imagine the freedom to focus on your daily operations while a marketing team with experience in the security industry is generating leads, managing your website and building trust with prospects and customers. We work with small alarm companies and the SDM 100 alike. Book a call, or ask a question today to start a conversation.

Our digital marketing programs promote your products & services from these manufacturers & more:


Getting Started Is Easy

Step 1

Talk to Us

Book a meeting with our online calendar. We'll talk about your business, assess your sales goals and talk shop. We probably know all the same people 🙂 

Step 2

Get A Proposal

Since we work in the same industry, laying out a game plan isn't complicated. We'll send you a short, easy to understand quote that clearly defines deliverables. 

Step 3

Start Growing

Our growth marketing plan will help you collect leads, get upsells from your customers, and generate more referrals for your business. 

Growing a Security Business is Hard. Marketing Doesn't Have to Be.

There's no need to settle for less. Achieve more in less time when you work with an industry team of marketing, sales, and customer experience experts that are dedicated to your company's success.

We create digital marketing solutions for the security & alarm industry that communicate your story, resonate with your audience, and generate revenue.

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