Las Vegas’ Premier Alarm Company Bets on AlarmBrand

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas

Unless of course, you live and do business in Vegas. In that case, it’s business as usual, and business for Sting Alarm wasn’t as great as they thought it could be from their digital marketing.

If you’ve ever ventured across their old website, you might have thought it was pretty cool. We did too. The bold yellow colors on a black background, big fonts and huge product images really set them apart from their competitors. The problem was that they were lacking website content around the new small business services content offered by their partners at and had run into design limitations with their existing HubSpot CMS to showcase these new product features. They were frustrated with the lackluster of results from their blog content, Google Ads, SEO and social media marketing.

We met up with Jon Perry, President at Sting Alarm at the annual Palm Springs convention in June 2021 sponsored by the California Alarm Association and talked about some new possibilities for their website and digital marketing. A few months later, Ignite launched a new website on WordPress, saving them thousands of dollars a year in HubSpot CMS subscription fees and completely revamped their marketing outreach.

We added over a dozen new branded product videos to the new website, showcasing their offerings for small businesses, and added new content promoting their smart home capabilities featuring the Qolsys IQ4 panel, smart energy, water leak detection (a big thing in the desert, believe it or not) and many other new cutting edge IoT features. Our team at AlarmBrand is excited about the future with Sting Alarm.

About Sting Alarm

We are the best security alarm company in Las Vegas for a reason. Our mission and business objectives are customer-centric and aligned to meet growing demand for state-of-the-art technology and reliable service. We’ve been in business since 2004, serving the local businesses and homeowners of Las Vegas. We are proud to be servants of our community.

Evolving our technology and services to meet the needs of our customers is our #1 priority. As a leader in smart home and business security solutions, we bring the best technology and support together under your roof. We have earned commendations and support from leaders in the industry including Inc. 500, the House of Representatives and even the United States Senate.

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