Why Does My Alarm Company Need a Blog?

Does your alarm company have a blog? If so, congratulations! You’re in the top 2% of businesses in this industry. If not, then you may have sensed that your website needs a blog but you’re not sure where to start or why this is even important. If you’re struggling to find the time to write a blog, or don’t know what topics to write about when it comes to your alarm company, then this article is for you. We’ll give you the top 4 reasons that you should be blogging, why it matters, how to do it, and ideas for content. 

Blog Content is Essential for SEO Success

Attracting new inbound visitors with keyword rich, search engine friendly content is a critical cornerstone of any SEO strategy. Why? Because search engine algorithms look for fresh content that has relevant keywords, and prioritizes those blog posts and pages that have been recently written and well optimized. Google in particular wants to give people a great search experience, and leading its users to the most recent and relevant content delivers a better search experience.  Your competition is doing it for a reason. You should too. 

No time to blog on security and life safety topics? Our content team was writing for the security industry before “smart home” was a thing. Book a meeting today >

What to Blog About & a Simple Formula to Follow 

  • Recent news about your company. This can be a new product line, award recognition, a local news story that features your company or an employee, or any community involvement.
  • Life safety tips like seasonal advice on practical ways to keep your home / business safe. From how often to test the smoke alarm, get the fire alarm system inspected, or how to use smart automations to make lie easier. 
  • Product features and benefits from one of your trade partners like Alarm.com, Avigilon, Resideo etc. This is useful content that your sales team can share with prospects.
  • Local ordinance updates that may affect your customers or those considering a security system. Alarm permit information,  changes to local fire alarm ordinances, or legislation that has passed or may be passed that may affect public safety.

Pro tip: whether you’re tooting your own horn, giving tips, or explaining products, remember to frame it in the context of how your alarm company solves your reader’s problem. No one really cares about your products, but they do care about how your services and products helps them to SURVIVE and THRIVE. 

Effective blog writing follows a simple 6 step sales formula:

  • Start with the problem. Human nature is geared towards solving problems. 
  • Position your alarm company as the solution
  • Give the audience a three step plan 
  • Tell them the negative things that could happen if they don’t take action
  • Paint a picture of how their life will improve after they hire you
  • Call them to action: “Contact us today”, “Book an appointment”, “Get a free security assessment”

It’s okay to give free advice, but not too much. In the alarm industry, give away the secrets, but sell the implementation. 

Consistent Blogging Establishes Your Authority

Engagement may sound like something that happens leading up to a wedding ceremony, but it is also the name of the game in digital marketing. Engaging with consumers is essential in today’s socially-driven economy. Customers now expect to be able to engage with the brands they support, and according to John Armato of the international communications firm Fleishman-Hillard, blogs give brands a platform on which to engage.

“By the early to mid-2000s, blogging and social media began to reach critical mass and a fragmentation of traditional models of media began to take place,” he said. “The simultaneous rise of a generation of marketing-savvy consumers revealed a skepticism over ‘assertion PR’ – a voice and style that screams ‘believe me just because I am telling you.’ ” He also explained how engagement became not only a popular by-product of social media, but a bottom line necessity in the eyes of consumers. Through the company blog, brands can get their ideas out there while receiving feedback from customers – just like a conversation. That’s engagement! 

Blogs Inform Your Customers 

Your newly launched or redesigned website is wonderful, but you need to give customers something more. The purpose of your website is to mark your presence on the Web, get your business found in search engines and tell people who you are so they can contact you. But once they become your customer, they expect to find out what is going on with your business on a regular basis. A blog is the best platform for those types of announcements. You may ask, “Engagement and updating people – isn’t that what social media is for?” Absolutely. That brings us to the third reason you need a blog.

Blogs Are Easy to Share on Social Media and Email

If you are on Facebook, X, LinkedIn and Google, you need as much content as possible at your fingertips so that you can share it and get people to your website. You company blog fills at least some of the demand for content to share on those social networks, especially the demand for links that point back to your site (this helps your search engine optimization, too). Without a blog, you are much less relevant on social media. But with a blog and social media, your business is unstoppable!

Need Some Help with Blogging?

To learn more about starting a company blog, contact AlarmBrand today. Our content team was writing for the security industry before “smart home” was a thing. Your competition is blogging for a reason. You should too.

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