7 Strategies for Boosting Online Leads

Digital marketing trends are constantly changing. Each year, there are new strategies being introduced as “the next big thing” every business needs to implement in order to maximize their online marketing budgets. Of course, the bottom line of all these strategies is to improve the business’s website visibility and improve online leads. 

Here are some of the most current strategies for boosting online leads this year. 

1. Optimize your email strategy.

Email marketing is nothing new – but it’s not on its way out, either. Marketing experts report that close to 80% of business owners have realized an increase in email engagement over the past year. That means businesses should keep email in their toolkits and optimize their current email efforts. Take a little time to revisit the text of your emails; is the message clear, concise and delivered in an engaging way? After making sure that it is, consider adding on these simple strategies: segmenting your emails to match your customer base, offering incentives, and creating discount codes. These are home runs when it comes to email strategy.

2. Rely on the AIDA formula.

AIDA is a timeless marketing formula that stands for “attention, desire, interest and action.” Using this model means grabbing the reader’s attention, creating an urge for your product or service, giving them more information to strengthen the connection, and presenting a solution to their problem. The fact is, the simplicity of the AIDA formula works as well today as it did when it was first coined in 1898. But like any online marketing strategy, it only works if you use it.

3. Incorporate video marketing.

Video continues to be a driving force for digital marketing. If you’re unsure about using it as strategy, rest assured that video is here to stay. When Cisco released its annual Internet Report in 2018, there was a prediction that videos would make up 82% of consumer internet traffic by 2021. Now that we’re in 2022, it’s time to embrace that by experimenting with both live videos and produced, branded videos. Both are popular trends for video content that prove to be highly effective lead generation tools. You can optimize your video with relevant keywords to make it more visible (this is especially important on YouTube). But whether your video is going on YouTube or a more fluid social media channel, the key is to make your videos highly informational and solutions oriented.

4. Create innovative, unique content.

Content is like marketing currency. Blog and article content is good for generating traffic, but it’s the bare minimum. We’ve already addressed videos, so consider other content you can use to truly engage the audience: polls, quizzes and contests. Audiences enjoy voting, sharing opinions and other types of participation. But just as your videos should be purpose-driven, this content does too. Make sure all these engagement opportunities are relevant to your business. ROI should always be the end game.

5. Distinguish marketing from branding.

Sometimes, these two terms are used interchangeably, but it can be a little misleading. From a consumer standpoint, your brand is not your product or service; it’s everything you use to present your business to the public. That means your logo, website design and messaging. In other words, branding is how the audience will perceive your business. Marketing is what you use to reinforce your branding efforts; they enhance your brand’s message and build the audience you will present your branding to. Now more than ever, effective digital marketing is less about promoting a product or service, and more about building the audience that will come to know your brand.

6. Try using local services ads.

Similar to Google ads, local services ads (LSAs) are pay-per-lead ads that appear at the top of Google search results. Although they’ve been an option since 2017, LSAs took some time to catch on. Now, they’re a great way for service providers in the home improvement space to reach a local audience of qualified leads. With LSAs, you can set a weekly budget based on the average amount of leads you expect to receive. As you are served the leads, you can accept or dispute them based on their usefulness. If successful, the leads are credited back to you later. LSAs are great to try if you are using an established marketing strategy and ready to try something new.

7. Update your SEO.

Search engine optimization is more important than ever when it comes to making your website visible. If it’s been a long time since you adjusted your SEO strategy, now is the time to revisit it. For example, Google now differentiates between search and intent. When someone enters a query, Google can now tell when the user is searching for a service provider versus a job. By segmenting queries you want to rank for and competing for the terms your competitors are using, you can make a big difference in your SEO. 

Trends change, but one thing remains true: Simple digital marketing strategies still work. Begin incorporating these now, and you can see major improvements in your digital marketing ROI throughout the year. 

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