What Star Wars Can Teach The Alarm Industry About Marketing

As an electronic security company, marketing is the lifeline of your business, so it makes sense to pay attention to what really works inside of the security industry and outside. The marketing team at Disney (formerly Lucasfilm) certainly does that. Star Wars has been captivating audiences since 1971, and continues to engage and enthrall new generations fans. Have you wondered how this was possible, and how you can mimic the success of a franchise a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away?

It wasn’t by accident.

The ability to delight new fans, reignite long-time fans, and interest those outside of the sci-fi realm, came from an aggressive and consistent content marketing strategy. Now, with a little imagination, you can use the genius moves of Lucasfilm too.

Re-introduce Yourself and Your Products, Again and Again

When Star Wars first came out, it was a massive hit. It didn’t stay that way. There was a time when people forgot the movie and a generation came along that for the most part, didn’t even recognize the name. (I know, gasp!) How did things get turned around?

Pro Tip: It’s ok to recycle content. Lucas used what was popular before to introduce it to a new group of potential fans by recycling the movies with some upgrades.

Don’t worry if it is old news to you, if your audience appreciated a certain aspect of your business yesterday, it is likely they will still enjoy it tomorrow. The advantages are huge. For example, if you want to feature or highlight a particular product, you can merge and recycle all of the content creates over a period of time to create a focused campaign.

Use Compound Content

When you have a consistent brand and message, you can use different mediums and streams to cross-promote products for added boost. Star Wars does it with teasers and trailers that remind you of what the audience already loves to promote something new. You can do it using your website, blog, and social media.

Create With Intent

Star Wars has a very knowledgeable and engaged audience, so what content the franchise provides must be valuable, contextual, and relevant to meet their expectations. Alarm companies can do this by making sure their website is easily navigated and their products and services supported by customer-centric content.

To Social Media, Infinity, and Beyond…

You’d think with almost everyone talking about the movies the Star Wars franchise, good ol’ Lucas could relax a little. He didn’t. Once he and the team at Lucasfilm (now Disney) created (and re-created) compelling content, and then distributed it across the galaxy. Doing so broadened the scope of influence and fan demographic. Even if you feel that people already know about home and business security, keeping them informed through email and social media provides a landspeeder like vehicle to share their knowledge through many marketing channels and appeal to new and potential customers throughout the core systems and even the Outer Rim.

May the 4th Be With You!

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