SMS Chat & Communication Strategies That Drive Sales & Referrals

In today’s technology-driven world, we are all used to getting instant gratification with information at the touch of our fingertips. And with the advent of AI-driven communications, your customers expect real-time answers to their questions, or they’ll go elsewhere. It’s up to you to provide that seamless communication that allows you to meet them where they are. A chat solution for your security company should: 

  1. Create A.I. driven automatic responses for Textchat, Facebook, Google, Instagram, and SMS to ensure every customer gets a response, no matter the time of day or night.
  2. Give your business a textable landline straight from your website so that your team can communicate with leads and customers over text.
  3. Aggregate all your customer messages for an all-in-one lead inbox. Facebook, Textchat, Instagram, SMS, textable landline, and more.
  4. Answer questions, schedule appointments, send reminders, collect reviews, send product pictures, all in one place.
  5. Connect face to face with video chat to streamline sales and improve customer support.

Great customer experiences are directly related to your responsiveness on a variety of online channels, including your website. Here’s why having webchat and text messaging on your website is important and how AlarmBrand can help you create an effective and easy multi-channel communications strategy that drives growth for your alarm company.

Why Using Multiple Ways to Connect with Customers is Important

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Your customers often use multiple devices and channels to connect with someone to answer their questions. Creating a seamless process for them to talk to customer service and meet them where they are is important. Your customers expect it.

Maybe one potential customer was researching a security solution for their home or business and discovered your website in a meeting where they couldn’t engage in a live chat conversation but wanted to ask a question. As soon as the meeting is over, they return to the conversation on their mobile device to see if they can pick up the chat.

The whole process must run smoothly so they can find answers to their questions no matter where they are or what device they’re on. So, being able to transition seamlessly between text, your website, team members, chatbots, and live chat is critical. 

Strategies for Maintaining a Great Multichannel Experience

Here are some essential strategies for streamlining the multichannel channel experience for your customers. 

Maintain a Consistent Brand Voice

It’s very important that you maintain a consistent brand voice across all channels and that even includes tone of voice. If confidence and passion are essential elements of your brand and you want to show your customers your commitment, be sure that is expressed across all forms of communication. 

Your Communications Should Be All in One Place for Maximum Efficiency

Your communications from Google, Facebook, Instagram and webchat / text should all be in one place, so even if your business operates in multiple locations, it’s easy for team members to talk to each other. Your team members in New York should be doing the same thing as those in your San Diego office.

Pro Tip: AlarmBrand webchat & text provides a central dashboard allows you to manage internal and external communication easily. 

Find Team Collaboration Tools that Work for Your Company

It’s also critical to find team collaboration tools that facilitate communication and help you provide the best customer service possible. The SMS Chat platform from AlarmBrand includes a dashboard that brings everything together in one location. You can easily access team members in other departments and locations to ensure your customers’ questions are answered quickly. 

If someone contacts the sales team for a tech issue, that department can easily add a support team member to the conversation quickly. The ability for team members to collaborate provides a better customer experience. Our online & mobile dashboard allows for seamless transitions for your customers between devices, team members, and channels.

A Single Messaging Platform Makes Communication More Efficient and Effective

AlarmBrand provides one messaging platform so team members can work together to answer your customers’ questions and provide the best customer experience. Plus, you can provide multiple ways for people to contact you, like chat, email, video, text, and more.

With one powerful messaging platform, AlarmBrand provides security companies with a consistent communication process from one unified inbox. This allows you to meet your customers where they are and offer the support they need with the same look, feel, and tonality for a uniform brand voice.

Generate New Online Reviews

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Get a new review in 30 seconds or less with the convenience of text messaging. What does this mean for your business? Effortless growth. Being the top rated security company in your area means you’ll be at the top of the search results. More reviews equals more new customers. Given two services with similar ratings, consumers are more likely to buy the service with more reviews. Who is it going to be, you or your competitor?

Start A Video Chat That Results in a Sale

Imagine a customer being able to start a video chat right from your website so that they can show your sales rep in real time the layout of their store, or the exterior of their home. Or, a customer who’s having an issue with an alarm panel initiate a video chat with your operations department to get a visual on the problem.

Create Text Campaigns That Drive RMR & Build 1:1 Connections

Increase customer lifetime value
Send SMS promotions, discounts, and holiday season deals can drive thousands of dollars in revenue and increase customer lifetime value. Wit mass texting, you can keep your customers in the loop with everything going on with your business by sending a single text campaign to your lists.

Drive revenue and retention
Keep your customers in the loop with everything going on with your business by sending a single text.

Special promotions, delivered digitally
Send discounts and digital deals through the holiday seasons and more.

What Does SMS Chat & Messaging Cost?

AlarmBrand Chat helps your business attract more leads, delight your customers, and accomplish more without hiring more staff. Our solution provides:

  • Text based website chat
  • Personalized set up, onboarding & support
  • Website reporting and customization
  • Capture more online reviews
  • Automations that streamline tasks
  • Team leaderboard to incentivize and track reviews
  • Month to month billing. No contracts.

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