7 Ways To Win Bigger Clients for Your Alarm Company

New commercial clients are the lifeblood of your business, and attracting as many large scale contracts as possible puts your security business in the best position possible. For many alarm companies and integrators, selling to large businesses is a game changer. Here are some tips to get you in the game.

Differentiate Yourself

Setting yourself apart from competitors can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Know your core strengths and highlight those and shine where others do not. For example, if there are two competitors selling the exact same services within a slim margin, the one with great service will cut ahead in a landslide win.

Don’t Rule Yourself Out

Never assume bigger clients will ignore you if your business doesn’t reach some mystical head count. In fact, most large businesses are actively looking to do business with smaller companies.

Start Locally

In winning big clients, start locally first. It is easier to get time with key decision makers, and easier for them to come in contact with other influencers, such as those who already use your services. This takes you from a pestering sales person to a caring member of the community, and a friend.

Position Yourself as a Thought Leader

It pays to know your stuff and strut it. Small businesses can attract large clients by positioning themselves as thought leaders in the industry. Remember, big companies know their industry, not yours. Take the time to show off your knowledge base with content such as web content, brochures, and blogs.

Roll Like the Big Guys and Build Your Brand

No matter the size, large companies want to do business with businesses of any size that can hold their own. Make sure you exude professionalism and sophistication with the right website design, marketing, marketing collateral, and customer service practices.

Do Your Homework

Before you approach a big company, know your competitors and know what makes you different. Do you offer more products choices or better prices? Do you offer better customer service with follow-up? Once you know your competitive advantage, target companies according to their need.

Understand Bigger Business Decision Criteria

Big businesses can be ruthless when it comes to meeting their process and decision criteria. That does not mean the criteria is excessive or impossible for the small business to meet. It just means you need to know them, and never assume they know you can meet them. Make sure your proposal includes information including their decision-making criteria, and then when you land the job– follow through to the utmost.

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