How to Convert More Leads with Webchat

Converting leads into paying customers is a common challenge many businesses have. But as technology advances, so do the marketing solutions available for security companies and monitoring centers.

Live chat software can help you engage with website visitors in real time, improve customer service, and capture and convert more leads. The ability to capture more leads and then nurture and convert them into paying customers is vital for your bottom line.

Here’s why security companies and enterprises need live chat software and how Webchat CX from AlarmBrand can help you.

Why Is Webchat Important for Your Alarm Company

Many businesses all over the world are discovering that live website chat is more than a customer service channel; it can also help you grow and scale your company. It’s so powerful that 79 percent of companies using live chat say that it has had a positive impact on revenue, customer loyalty, and sales.

Webchat helps you miss fewer messages from customers, address their concerns quicker, and answer critical questions even when no one is in the office. The following reasons are why live webchat matters.

1. It Increases RMR

Webchat conversations reassure new customers looking to purchase a product they are unfamiliar with. It gives them time to think and evaluate their options as well as minimize buyer’s remorse and accidental purchases.

2. It’s Convenient to Your Customers

A live chat option lets website visitors have real-time discussions with the company, so they don’t have to take the time to call the company. Webchat is always there as a helpful resource 24/7 making it very convenient.

3. It Reduces Expenses

Most live chat agents can handle multiple customer chats at a time, whereas they can only deal with one phone call at a time. If you evaluate the resources needed to answer emails and phone calls compared to the resources you need to answer webchats, you’ll see live chat saves money.

Introducing Webchat CX from AlarmBrand

Webchat CX, an exclusive new digital product from AlarmBrand features the ability to connect leads with customer service representatives in real-time for faster and more efficient support by streamlining the process. It’s available now as a managed service, or a self-serve software platform that your team can easily use.

Every interaction starts with a legitimate mobile phone number and name so that you can text / chat with your website visitors in real time, and focus on sealing the deal instead of worrying about finding their contact information. It opens a line of communication that allows you to continue the conversation as you move them through your sales funnel.

Here are some of the best features and benefits of Webchat CX from AlarmBrand.

1. Scalability

You can add a webchat widget to every location, whether you’re an enterprise security agency or a small business. This allows you to scale your business over time and add as many webchat widgets as you need.

2. Customizable

The webchat widget is customizable, so you can change them to match your brand colors, chat icons, and greeting. You can even add customer service agent names and photos.

This feature lets your website visitors know who they are chatting with.

3. Engage with Leads Immediately and Continue the Conversation

Start interacting with leads immediately once they land on your website. Webchat starts a conversation in real-time. Since every interaction starts with a name and phone number, you can continue engaging with them even after they leave your site.

4. Respond Automatically To Customer Questions

Answering your customer’s questions can mean the difference between a sale or a lost lead. Chatbots can answer many questions automatically during or after business hours to help you use your sales team’s time efficiently.

Increase Your Sales and Enhance Customer Experience with Webchat CX from AlarmBrand

Webchat can increase sales and enhance your customers’ experience. It can also help you capture leads and continue the conversation off-site to increase your chances of converting them into customers.

With the ability to scale and customize Webchat CX to meet your business needs, this advanced technology has become more than just a support channel. It becomes a way to grow your business, increase RMR, and engage with more potential customers.

Contact AlarmBrand today for a free demo of Webchat CX.

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